“Been going there with my kiddos doing the bio-tuning with Connie and the body code with Glenn and it has helped a lot. Both kiddos are expressing their emotions, sleeping better, more focused on schoolwork. My youngest who has suspected apraxia of speech has started saying more words and more sounds. We have also shifted from stress survival mode to a more harmonious, centered, and relaxed stage. Not so on edge all the time. Our subconscious knows lots and brings it out when we are ready. like my youngest can now say “happy”. Definitively check them out and their whole team with each their own skills.”

Isabelle D.

“I highly recommend working with Fiona Fullerton and her colleague Glen. These gifted individuals supported me every step of the way. They showed me different perspectives of how to look at my complex emotional body. It gave me a better understanding of how the events in my life have affected my thoughts, beliefs, and my health. This business is a gem to be discovered!”

Fiona C.

“The healing that has been done in the past 9 months has been tremendous and for that I am grateful! Thankful for the sound and emotional healing working with this fabulous team!!”

Jamie B.

“I recently reconnected with a good friend, Fiona Fulton-Bowles, who is among other things, a Tong Ren practitioner. Never having heard of it before I did some homework, and found, to my delight, that this practice doesn’t involve me traveling to see her (she lives in Canada, I live in the Netherlands). After my first session, I found a few other things that Fiona could work on, and boy does it deliver – I have slept through the night, my right ankle no longer gives me pain when walking downstairs, to name a few. Having suffered a heart attack 6 months ago, I am now feeling less vulnerable, and more back to my ‘old self’. Bless you.”

Jaqueline B.

“Glen and Sherry were an awesome couple to work with in doing a ton of Emotional Code work over a number of months. Let go of so much unnecessary stuff from this life, past life and ancestral stuff. Feel much clearer. Highly recommend doing this awesome Emotional Code work to improve your life!”

Leslie V.

“Had an amazing experience over the weekend with a class Glenn & Sherry hosted for access consciousness. Highly recommend this beautiful spot near the mountains. Great energy, great staff, great atmosphere. Excited to return!”

Chelsea C.

“Speechless at this time, words can’t express how this team has changed my life. Forever grateful.”

Lisa M.

“I have been enjoying and benefitting greatly from the sound therapy. I am amazed at how quickly I became calm through my days. I’m a big fan!! Thank you, Glenn and Connie!”

Celeste S.